Over the past 10 years we've released 2 full albums, 2 EPs, and some of physical and digital singles. All of our records have been released in any various formats. From CD, 12" Vinyl, 7" Vinyl, to cassette. Most of them were distributed to all the record shops across Japan nation.

Thank you ITENAS !

Thank you for everyone who showed up at our show at ITENAS a few days ago.

ikkubaru - "Lagoon" (Official Video Lyrics)

ikkubaru - "Lagoon" (Official Video Lyrics)

Finally Lagoon in Vinyl format has been Released!

The wait is finally over! The long anticipated new single "Lagoon" release is finally available in 7inch vinyl format!

Projek-D Solo

Beberapa foto dan video rekap dalam penampilan kami di Solo, event Projek-D beberapa pekan lalu